Apodictus is Latin word for apodictic.

I choose Apodictus as my internet name back in 1998 when I was in need of a unique name to use on IRC. I wanted my nick (as it was called on IRC) not only to be unique but also to be  descriptive for my personality. So I couldn’t use any name. I actually spent time carefully selection my options and since I’m a rather strong-headed person I choose Apodictus as my name from then forward. Looking at the dictionary for an explanation of Apodictic you might understand why.

apodictic: Not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed; closed to questioning; demonstrably true or certain.

Since 1998 this name has served me well, remaining a unique alter ego for my online presence.

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  1. pepdek says:

    From my point of view, being a collegue of Apodictus for over 5 years, I think Apodictus needs a new nickname. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and all of this knowledge is being used to build up his case, so you’d better be prepared challenging him. Nevertheless he will have an open mind to another view, and on a sunny day he even might change his opinion.

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